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July 22, 2022

How to Implement Sustainability Into Your Tree Services Company

Trees are a vital part of our ecosystem, and it is important to take care of them. If you are running a tree service, it is important to make sure...
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June 22, 2022

How to Bid on More Jobs and Get More Tree Work

  One of your tree care business goals may be to win more local and government contract work, especially in response to natural disasters and storm...
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June 6, 2022

5 Tips to Grow Your Tree Care Business in 2022

  If you’re hungry about scaling your tree service business – bidding on and winning more contracts, taking on more work, eliminating the challenge...
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April 26, 2022

The Camaraderie and Community of the Tree Care Industry

  To those familiar with the tree care industry, it’s no secret that there’s a special kind of camaraderie that’s unmatched compared to other trades....
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April 7, 2022

Off-Road Tree Care Work: Ground Protection & Machine Stability

    One of the biggest encounters in tree care work is dealing with terrain challenges: rough, muddy, uneven, or sloped ground situations make setup,...
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March 9, 2022

When You Need Bigger: Introducing the SENNEBOGEN 738 for Tree Care

  The SENNEBOGEN 738 is our largest and most robust tree care handler. Perfectly suited for forest maintenance, heavy land clearing and large tree...
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March 4, 2022

Behind the Scenes: Operator Familiarization with Cameron Kuklick

“It’s not rocket science,” says Cameron Kuklick, tree care specialist and head of SENNEBOGEN’s Operator Familiarization program, “and while there are...
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February 22, 2022

Reach & Versatility in Tree Care: Knuckleboom Crane vs a SENNEBOGEN

  How much reach can I get?  That seems to be the question buzzing around in everyone’s ears. And while reach is an important factor to consider when...
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December 9, 2021

Beyond Bucket Trucks and Booms: Come Experience SENNEBOGEN Tree Handlers

We purpose build and fine tune every SENNEBOGEN tree handler to meet your unique needs as a tree care industry worker. While there are some jobs that...
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March 8, 2021

Introducing SENNEBOGEN’s 728 Tree Care Handler!

When SENNEBOGEN introduced our 718 purpose-built tree care handler, it made a huge impact in the arboriculture industry. The Birth of the 738 and 728...
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February 1, 2021

Trees Jobs You Can Tackle With SENNEBOGEN’s 728

SENNEBOGEN’s tree care handlers are setting the pace for productivity and jobsite safety in arboriculture.  With the introduction of our newest...
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January 28, 2021

SENNEBOGEN 728: Purpose-Built for the Tree Care Industry

At SENNEBOGEN, the design of every machine begins with you. We love feedback. We even love criticism. Because when we hear from you - be it good or...
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January 26, 2021

What's It Like to Operate a SENNEBOGEN Tree Care Handler?

The tree care industry is competitive, dangerous, and demanding. Innovations that improve productivity, safety, and efficiency are significant...
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August 28, 2020

How SENNEBOGEN UPtime Repair Kits Save Operators Time and Money

When you have to stop everything for a small repair, you’re losing money. It’s that simple. Every minute your SENNEBOGEN equipment is out of service...
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August 27, 2020

Why SENNEBOGEN Is Customer-Centric & Support-Focused

Customer service isn’t what it used to be. Many businesses just want to boast about their product or service and tell you why you should buy it....
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August 26, 2020

SENNEBOGEN Training Is FREE & Accessible for Dealers, ASPs & Customers

You invested in SENNEBOGEN because you wanted a machine that was safe, efficient, and simple. A little bit of support never hurt anyone, either. ...
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July 18, 2019

Comparing Bucket Trucks to the 718 Tree Handler

Most tree service workers are skilled at the traditional method of tree climbing to trim branches and dismantle trunks section-by-section. But, this...
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June 26, 2019

Testimonial From The First SENNEBOGEN 718 Operator - Rob Frost

Discover what the very first American operator of the SENNEBOGEN 718 has to say about the machine's impressive performance during storm cleanup...
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May 31, 2019

Feller Buncher vs. 718 Tree-Handler

An important aspect of operating a tree service is making decisions regarding what types of equipment will give you faster production, a safer...
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April 30, 2019

718 with Mulcher Attachment vs a Forestry Mulcher

Different types of jobs require different tools that best fit those jobs.  Thus, tree services often have an array of equipment they utilize in...
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March 15, 2019

SENNEBOGEN 718 vs An Excavator with Attachments

The first hydraulic excavator was originally developed for the construction of the hull docks in 1882. Over the last century it has become the Swiss...
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February 14, 2019

SENNEBOGEN 718 Tree Handler vs. a Crane

SENNEBOGEN is on a mission to take the tree care industry to new heights! We talk to tree care industry experts - real operators and arborists - and...
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January 4, 2019

The 718 tree-handler vs a Harvester for Urban Forestry Applications

Population growth and the expansion of urban, rural and residential living has always led to a greater need to manage vegetation - especially large...
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October 17, 2018

SENNEBOGEN Demo Days Highlight Safety and Productivity in Tree Care Safety

Stanley, NC – 2021-2022 tree care industry statistics show that the industry has made strides in improving job safety for arborists and related...
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October 15, 2018

Applications of the 718E Tree-handler

Advantages of the 718E in Urban Forestry: Productivity & Efficiency 8-10 fold increase in work done per hour, compared to traditional methods...
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October 2, 2018

Explore Sennebogen’s New Equipment Leasing Program

When companies invest in new equipment, they can either purchase the product outright or use a leasing program. Unfortunately, most leasing programs...
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September 25, 2018

Diesel-hydraulic Drive vs. Electro-hydraulic Drive - Which Is Better?

  When it comes to material handlers for ports, diesel is the standard. But, is it the best choice? Not always. Yes, diesel is a cheap fuel, but this...
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August 22, 2018

Why We Created a 718 Tree-handler Growth Kit

For any customer that purchases a Sennebogen 718, we have an added bonus to help maximize its use and profitability to your tree service business. ...
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August 15, 2018

WATCH: SENNEBOGEN 718 Technical Breakdown [VIDEO]

  The SENNEBOGEN 718 is a multi-functional machine, purpose-built to dismantle and handle trees and large branches ten times faster than conventional...
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August 8, 2018

The Sennebogen Difference

For six decades, our founder Erich Sennebogen stood fast to the belief that "There is nothing that cannot be done." He instilled this...
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May 29, 2018

Faster and Safer Storm Damage Tree Cleanup with SENNEBOGEN

A new solution to handle the dangerous working environment of storm cleanup Experts debate whether the devastating weather activity across the US is...
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May 24, 2018

How to Generate Over 2 Million Dollars with 1 Tree Handler in 1 month

Are you frustrated and looking for a solid way to grow your business? If you are the owner of a tree service business, you know how much time and...
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May 22, 2018

Improving Tree Work Safety With the Help of New Technology

SENNEBOGEN held the official launch of the 718M E Series tree-handler equipment to the United States, Canada, and Mexico tree care industries,...
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May 15, 2018

Safe Removal of EAB Infested Ash Trees

In the summer of 2002, the emerald ash borer (EAB) which is native to Asia, was discovered in southeastern Michigan. Chances are it arrived via an...
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February 2, 2018

Top Challenges Faced by Tree Care Workers in 2022

The tree care industry is a growing industry, and growth is good!  Growth breeds competition, and competition results in better technology, better...
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September 18, 2017

Discover the Value in an Operational Assessment for Your Port

Ports are some of the busiest thoroughfares in the freight-handling industry. To keep ports running efficiently, port operations managers must invest...
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September 5, 2017

How to Maintain Port Equipment for Better ROI

Without reliable port equipment, port activities can grind to a screeching halt. A material-handler or crane and all attachments should perform...
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August 14, 2017

Who is SENNEBOGEN? A Company History

SENNEBOGEN is a German-based machine building company which started as a family-run organization in 1952. It was then specializing in the production...
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August 7, 2017

How to Increase the Lifespan of Your Material Handling Equipment

Material handling equipment usually undergoes wear and tear just like other machines. When left unattended, these equipment are prone to frequent...
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July 24, 2017

Challenges Facing Ports: Causes & Solutions

  Clearance Delays, Increased Freight Rates, Capacity Issues & More Ports play a critical role in the development of many countries. They represent a...
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June 28, 2017

What Does It Take to Run the US's Largest Inland Port?

Many people know Huntington, WV, primarily for its long history as a hub on the C&O Railroad. In reality, however, land transit isn't the city's sole...
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June 14, 2017

Fun Port Facts: Did you know?

  Exports, Jobs, & Economic Growth Ports use barge loading and unloading equipment on a daily basis. Transferring cargo from ship to shore and vice...
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May 23, 2017

10 Key Traits Your Barge Loading and Unloading Equipment Must Have

  Ports use barge loading and unloading equipment on a daily basis. Transferring cargo from ship to shore and vice versa represents one of the...
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May 1, 2017

The Comprehensive Safety Checklist Every Port Manager Should Have

As a port manager, you oversee many disparate business activities every day. In a high-risk environment such as a port, worker safety programs play...
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