August 22, 2018

Why We Created a 718 Tree-handler Growth Kit

For any customer that purchases a Sennebogen 718, we have an added bonus to help maximize its use and profitability to your tree service business.  This extra bonus we call our 718 Growth Kit - a 6 month marketing package complementary to customers, that help you identify opportunities and close projects where the 718 can be put to use.

As you now know, the Sennebogen 718 represents one of the biggest safety and productivity advancements in the tree care industry witnessed in decades.

The 718 also provides progressive companies like yours, a platform to scale and grow your tree care business like never before.

The reason we created the 718 Growth Kit, was to rapidly provide you the proven marketing tools and resources needed to promote your new capabilities in your local market to fuel growth.

What’s in it for me?

Higher sales leveraging your competitive advantage, the 718. With a 10X increase in productivity in many applications, your have the unique opportunity in your local market to significantly leverage this competitive advantage and grow your business.

What is needed to fuel growth?

To fully leverage your competitive advantage with the 718, you will need to effectively enroll new customers in your local market. This can be done using the Sennebogen 718 Growth Kit.

The 718 Growth Kit provides the same proven marketing tools and resources we use to find and enroll customers. As a valued customer, we are making these same capabilities available to you to help you grow your business and achieve growth success with your 718.

How Does the Growth Kit Work?

The 718 is uniquely suited to address customers needing services to address urban forestry, utility line clearing, road clearing, lot clearing, storm cleanup and other applications. Therefore, the first questions that needs to be answered are: who are the prospects in my local market with these application needs, and how can my business effectively target and enroll them into customers?

The 718 Growth Kit was purpose-built to help 718 customers grow lead generation and customer acquisition to gain a competitive advantage in your local market. Our mutual goal with the 718 Growth Kit is to help you generate an abundance of new business requiring the addition of another 718 to meet your local market demand.

When you grow, we grow! We are vested in helping you grow and succeed. 


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Take an in-depth look at the SENNEBOGEN line of tree care handlers as we compare and contrast common equipment modifications to inform you on the best options for your tree service business.

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