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How to Implement Sustainability Into Your Tree Services Company

Trees are a vital part of our ecosystem, and it is important to take care of them. If you are running a tree service, it is important to make sure that you are doing so in a sustainable way.

In this article, we'll discuss some best practices for operating a tree service in a sustainable and safe way. We will cover topics such as waste management, employee training, and using the right equipment. Follow these tips, and you can be sure that your tree service is eco-friendly.


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How to Bid on More Jobs and Get More Tree Work


One of your tree care business goals may be to win more local and government contract work, especially in response to natural disasters and storm damage recovery and cleanup. You might even be challenged to figure out how to scale your operation while making sure you have enough resources and manpower to support the increase in work.

If you’re at a point where you feel stuck and can’t find skilled workers, or your current equipment fleet is barely able to handle the workload you have now, how will you manage a more demanding schedule? We’ll discuss the process of registering with your local, domestic, and government organizations to be able to receive news when work is available, plus how to make sure your business can support the work when you do win the contract.


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VIDEO: SENNEBOGEN 718 Land Clearing Operation


How to Bid on Government and Local Municipality Storm Cleanup Work

Prepare now to get the work later. The registration process is lengthy, and respondents must act quickly in the wake of a disaster to be selected as part of the cleanup response crew. It all starts with your state PTAC. From there, you can register locally, with other states, or with government organizations. Here’s how to get the process going.

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5 Tips to Grow Your Tree Care Business in 2022


If you’re hungry about scaling your tree service business – bidding on and winning more contracts, taking on more work, eliminating the challenge of finding skilled, competent workers, and feeling assured your team has the capabilities and resources to complete any job on time and efficiently – then you’re in the right place. 

LEARN MORE: Dan Mayer shares how the SENNEBOGEN 718 eliminated his challenge of finding more skilled workers. 

We’ll go over business and marketing tips to help increase your brand awareness, word of mouth and referrals, how to bid on (and win) contract work and requests for proposals, plus cover all of your legal issues appropriately. 

On the operations side, find out how to organize your work capacity schedule and maximize your crew and equipment to take on more jobs and complete them faster and more efficiently.

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The Camaraderie and Community of the Tree Care Industry


To those familiar with the tree care industry, it’s no secret that there’s a special kind of camaraderie that’s unmatched compared to other trades. It’s about people helping people, and that’s what makes tree service one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling career and business options available today.

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Off-Road Tree Care Work: Ground Protection & Machine Stability



One of the biggest encounters in tree care work is dealing with terrain challenges: rough, muddy, uneven, or sloped ground situations make setup, stabilization, and exiting the jobsite quite a test. Our forebearers – those that paved the way for tree care and made it what it is today – were creative and innovative and thought up solutions to these problems as their work required them to do so. As they say: necessity is the mother of invention. 

Let’s take a look at some common terrain solutions used in tree care today, plus consider what would be best for your situation based on job site location, application, and mobility versus stability.  

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When You Need Bigger: Introducing the SENNEBOGEN 738 for Tree Care

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Behind the Scenes: Operator Familiarization with Cameron Kuklick

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Reach & Versatility in Tree Care: Knuckleboom Crane vs a SENNEBOGEN


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Beyond Bucket Trucks and Booms: Come Experience SENNEBOGEN Tree Handlers


We purpose build and fine tune every SENNEBOGEN tree handler to meet your unique needs as a tree care industry worker. While there are some jobs that the bucket truck or boom truck is ideally suited for, there are many jobs that the SENNEBOGEN can tackle faster, safer and more efficiently. 


Ever wonder what it's like to operate a SENNEBOGEN Tree Handler?

Remember how you felt the first time you sat behind the wheel of a machine that was way too big for you? You were probably way too young and way too eager. Maybe you snuck your dad’s keys and fired up his rusty old pickup when he was at work. Or maybe you had a father-son bonding moment and pop told you to hop your scrawny butt in the driver’s seat and give it a go. 

You could feel that rush of adrenaline as you clumsily fumbled the keys into the ignition. Your heart raced and your breathing shallowed as you tried to stay focused and remember what you’d seen dad do a hundred times in your life. 

Then, the moment of truth: your foot hit the accelerator. 

A zoom and a jolt of power threw you off guard initially, but eventually you regrouped and found your cool. And then, that’s when the fun began. 

You felt the weight and power of that machine underneath you and within your control. You turned the steering wheel almost effortlessly. You leaned into turns right and left.  And while you were about as awkward as a teen who just hit puberty, you knew this was something you couldn’t get enough of, and you wanted to experience it again. You wanted to run the show. You wanted to bend it to your will. 

Imagine that feeling, only 100x greater

That’s the power of a SENNEBOGEN 718. 


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Introducing SENNEBOGEN’s 728 Tree Care Handler!

When SENNEBOGEN introduced our 718 purpose-built tree care handler, it made a huge impact in the arboriculture industry.

The Birth of the 738 and 728

This machine achieved production rates up to 10 times greater than traditional methods, while dramatically increasing safety for operators and ground crew.

Then, we decided to go bigger, and we introduced the 738.

The 738 was fitted with the same type of equipment as the 718, but it was sized to reach farther and handle larger trees. It also had a more powerful engine.

This machine allowed crews to take on larger projects and tackle heavier forested areas, cutting 100 to 150 trees per day with no additional crew on site.

Now, we’re meeting in the middle. 

We took the mobility of the 718 and combined it with the reach of the 738 to create the new game-changer in the tree care industry

Meet the 728.

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