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SENNEBOGEN Training Is FREE & Accessible for Dealers, ASPs & Customers

You invested in SENNEBOGEN because you wanted a machine that was safe, efficient, and simple. A little bit of support never hurt anyone, either. 

We’ve got your back. In fact, our dependability goes way beyond your initial purchase. 

We want you to learn everything there is to know about your SENNEBOGEN machine. That’s why we made our factory training available to all of our customers—for free.

In this article, you will discover more about the SENNEBOGEN Training Center, who is eligible to enroll in these courses, and what you could learn.

What Is the SENNEBOGEN Training Center?

SENNEBOGEN Training CenterLet’s face it. On-the-job training is great, but in a dealership, it can be quite distracting.

SENNEBOGEN has a dedicated training facility within driving distance of many dealers and customers. The space is fully equipped with instructors, classrooms, and demonstration areas in Stanley, N.C.

The main bay allows for hands-on access to full-size machines from three levels, including an elevated gallery. This means almost any SENNEBOGEN machine can be brought indoors, including an 870 M. 

SENNEBOGEN instructors are highly qualified specialists in material-handling equipment and applications. They combine practical field experience with years of instructional expertise, as well as the most current technical information. 

Our meeting rooms and classrooms all have computer networking and projection technology required for interactive instruction methods. Trainees can focus on fixing technical issues with SENNEBOGEN equipment and prepare themselves for real-life situations and mishaps.

By the end of their uninterrupted training, SENNEBOGEN students have been fully immersed in their selected topic, know how to find answers to technical problems, and can make the necessary repairs in the field.

Who Is Eligible for SENNEBOGEN Training?

SENNEBOGEN training was originally set up for dealers so they would have the knowledge and ability to repair equipment for customers. Since then, we’ve extended access to customers and Authorized Service Providers – for free.

We know the more information a trainee has, the better decision they can make it when it comes to working on SENNEBOGEN equipment. When everyone is an expert, the value of our product increases and our customer satisfaction grows along with it. 

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What Courses Are Offered Through SENNEBOGEN Training? 

Service Level 1 D-Series, E-Series

This course details proper maintenance procedures following the guidelines of the maintenance manual for all models of SENNEBOGEN material handlers. The operation and safety of the machines are also covered. 

Factory instructors provide instruction on hydraulic and electrical schematic reading at a level appropriate for experienced technicians, with hands-on sessions including, but not limited to, setting and checking pressures. In the final day, technicians are required to locate faults that have been added to the machines.

  • Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of hydraulic and electric symbol reading
  • Certificate of Completion: Yes
  • Training Material: Manuals will be provided in paper and CD format
  • Class Size: 8
  • Course Length: 5 days

Service Level 2 E-Series

This course is designed to further qualify the technician who has previously completed the Level 1 E-Series training. Emphasis is placed on more hands-on training, including the main control valve, pumps, cooling system, magnet system, and much more. Faults will be added to the machines, too.

  • Prerequisites: Completion of Level 1 E-Series OR Level 2 D-Series
  • Certificate of Completion: Yes
  • Training Material: Manuals will be provided in paper and CD format
  • Class Size: 6
  • Course Length: 5 days

Parts Training

This course is designed to help parts personnel for SENNEBOGEN dealers to better understand the parts manuals and documentation for SENNEBOGEN material handlers. This includes the correct identification of parts as well as procedures and policies for ordering from the SENNEBOGEN warehouse. 

In a classroom atmosphere, the parts manual will be discussed in detail. Participants are also provided with a tour of the SENNEBOGEN parts warehouse and a chance to meet with SENNEBOGEN parts personnel.

  • Prerequisites: None
  • Certificate of Completion: None
  • Training Material: Manual will be provided in paper and CD format
  • Class Size: 10
  • Course Length: 2 days

Operator Familiarization

This course is designed to familiarize SENNEBOGEN machine operators in the proper methods of working with a SENNEBOGEN material handler. 

Participants receive a hands-on orientation to the layout and controls in the operator cab, best practices for safety and efficiency, lift charts, buttons and switches, indicating lights, warning lights and buzzers, safety cameras, and much more. 

Daily maintenance practices are also covered. All participants will have the opportunity to operate an actual machine at the training facility.

  • Prerequisites: None
  • Certificate of Completion: None
  • Training Material: Manuals will be provided in paper and CD format 
  • Class Size: 8
  • Course Length: 2 days

Why SENNEBOGEN Training Is Free for Dealers, ASPs & Customers

Now you know all about SENNEBOGEN’s training program and how you can take advantage of this unique opportunity.

With free access to various courses, you will be able to utilize your SENNEBOGEN machine for optimal productivity and performance. Our factory training ensures your equipment gets efficient, qualified support for repair and maintenance.


Contact SENNEBOGEN today to reserve your place in our next sessions!

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