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The Sennebogen Difference

For six decades, our founder Erich Sennebogen stood fast to the belief that "There is nothing that cannot be done." He instilled this leadership philosophy throughout the company - always striving to solve for challenges that seem unsolvable.

That same spirit of confronting difficult ideas with forward-thinking solutions still resonates today in our extensive line of agricultural, material handling, and specialized machinery that is more powerful, has more functionality, and is more productive at accomplishing heavy-duty tasks in difficult occupations.

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Faster and Safer Storm Damage Recovery - SENNEBOGEN 718M E series

A new solution to handle the dangerous working environment of storm cleanup

Experts debate whether the devastating weather activity across the US in the past 12 months are a byproduct of global warming or an unfortunate string of coincidental natural disasters. The truth is, we can always point to multiple years where above average climatic activity has spurned nearly continuous tornado outbreaks, brutal Nor'easter events, back-to-back hurricane devastation, and torrential rain and wind that result in flooding and unstable ground conditions.

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How to Generate Roughly 2 Million Dollars with 1 Piece of Equipment in 1 month

Are you frustrated and looking for a solid way to grow your business?

If you are the owner of a tree service business, you know how much time and manpower it takes to cut down just one tree - and when you get larger projects after a storm surge or land clearing for new development, operations become more dangerous and enough skilled workers are harder to find.

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Improving Tree Work Safety With the Help of New Technology

SENNEBOGEN held the official launch of the 718M E Series tree-handler equipment to the United States, Canada, and Mexico tree care industries, following a successful Demo Day staged at their American headquarters near Charlotte, NC. The innovative machinery requires only one operator and is capable of quickly dismantling and removing trees in difficult terrain or treacherous locations - as well as acreage clearing for land development or right-of-way construction.

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A Safer Solution for the Removal of Dying Ash Trees

In the summer of 2002, the emerald ash borer (EAB) which is native to Asia, was discovered in southeastern Michigan. Chances are it arrived via an airplane or ship cargo holding area, silently nestled in solid wood crate packaging material. And the consequences have been brutal, with over 70 million ash trees in North America lost due to EAB infestation. Today, the S-shaped emerald ash borer larvae which feasts on the inner bark of ash trees, can be found in 32 states and many Canadian provinces.

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State of the Tree Service Industry and The Future

The arboriculture industry in North America has overcome a number of major industry challenges. Many of these tests have been presented by Mother Nature. The year 1930 would begin the decimation of over 75% of the nation’s elms by Dutch elm disease, only to be outdone at the turn of this century by the emerald ash borer infestation which cost over $10 billion in damage and the destruction of over 17 million ash trees.

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Discover the Value in an Operational Assessment for Your Port

Ports are some of the busiest thoroughfares in the freight-handling industry. To keep ports running efficiently, port operations managers must invest in and use value-driven materials-handling equipment. An operational assessment can help port managers make informed decisions about equipment upgrades.

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How to Maintain Port Equipment for Better ROI

Without reliable port equipment, port activities can grind to a screeching halt. A material-handler or crane and all attachments should perform consistently month after month and year after year. While choosing the right equipment plays a major role in performance, maintenance is just as crucial to port success. 

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Sennebogen is a German-based machine building company which started as a family-run organization in 1952. It was then specializing in the production of agricultural machinery. Today, Sennebogen is an international company with operations in various parts of the world. It is a well-respected brand in technical innovation. Actually, it is a leader in crane technology and material handling. Since inception, Sennebogen has expanded its products range which includes:


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How to Increase the Lifespan of Your Material Handling Equipment

Material handling equipment usually undergoes wear and tear just like other machines. When left unattended, these equipment are prone to frequent breakdown and reduced productivity. Maintenance is, therefore, a necessary aspect in preventing premature wear and tear of these costly pieces of equipment. Even though it requires time and financial investment, it will save you from the alternative cost of purchasing brand new equipment.

This post, therefore, discusses ways to extend the life of a material handling equipment.

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