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718 with mulcher attachment vs dedicated mulcher

Different types of jobs require different tools that best fit those jobs.  Thus, tree services often have an array of equipment they utilize in different situations for maximum efficiency, safety, and speed.

Companies that clear land of small growth timber and heavy brush and help in vegetation management, know that a mulcher is one of those pieces of equipment that comes in handy.

Forestry Mulcher vs. 718 Tree Handler

The Power of a Driven Mulcher

driven mulcherA forestry mulcher is purpose-built, for a specific task and a land clearing objective - to cut, chop, or grind vegetation and small diameter trees into small particles.

Often tree mulching is performed to reduce the height and volume of trees for burn operations, as a right-of-way maintenance operation, or as a better solution to chemically treating competitive species growth.

Mulching, whether done in forests or urban areas, prevents soil erosion and enriches the soil for healthier conditions of other surrounding plants.

A smaller mulcher is well suited for tight spaces in residential areas, where larger equipment might be a little cumbersome.

A larger mulcher or mower is brought onto the job, typically in heavier brush areas over large, open landscapes.

As jobs go up in size and scope, the larger dedicated machine starts to gain the advantage. Particularly if you are not going to harvest any trees — you want to take everything down — then a larger mulcher is going to provide greater performance, geared toward that objective.


718 With a Mulcher Head VS a Dedicated Mulcher?
Sennebogen 718 with mulcher attachment

A key benefit of the 718 tree care handler is the attachment versatility.

The 718 is a mobile hydraulic power pack with the ability to transition between a grapple saw, tree shear or mulcher as a true multi-purpose machine depending on the circumstances that the job demands. 

The grapple saw can be used to take down hazardous or larger trees in difficult situations, such as near power lines.  The 718 can then transition to a mulcher and take down smaller trees, brush or simply clean up the job site. 

In fact, that’s where you get the most bang for your buck. You don’t necessarily need to buy a different machine or have two machines out there doing the work.

With a dedicated mulcher, unless you do a lot of land clearing projects, you may have that equipment sitting in the shed for a large part of the year.

The biggest advantage of a material handler is its ability to take off the mulching head and replace it with other attachments to work on other types of jobs.

Visit us at Sennebogen NA for more information on how the 718 tree handler can perform double-duty in both mulching and tree felling operations when cutting and clearing road paths or embankments.

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